This Is Your Brain On Communication

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Brain head communications as a networking team work and thinking minds working together with the symbols of gears and cogs connected.

BY NATE REGIER IN LEADERSHIP COMMUNICATION, PCM This Ted talk by Princeton University neuroscientist is a fantastic overview of the cutting edge research on how different people’s brains respond to communication. Very much worth the 14 minutes, you will be surprised by some provocative discoveries to questions such as; What components of human interaction predict whether people will connect, remember, and experience the information you are communicating? How can the smallest tweak in communication prejudice another brain to selectively hear and remember a certain slant on reality?   Over 40 years ago a developmental psychologist by the name of Taibi Kahler discovered and mapped the behavioral correlates of interpersonal communication and identified six distinct personality types. These types are distinguished by the process of how they communicate, thus the name Process Communication Model. His discovery has been used by NASA, a past US president, Pixar Studios, and thousands of leaders around the world. PCM training covers some concepts that relate directly to Hasson’s research: Perceptions The filters we all carry with us that predispose a person to experience and interpret reality in a specific and predictable way. Adapting communication to match another person’s perception greatly increases connection, rapport, and the likelihood that a person … Read More